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News / 01.2020

Commercial Balance 2019

Commercial Balance 2019

After closing one more year, it’s time to perform Veneporte’s activity balance, having this revealed to be very positive in its globality.

In 2019, the company registered growth over 7% in its sales, compared to the previous year. For that, greatly contributed the reinforcement of its position in Europe’s centre/north markets, like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

In 2019’s first quarter, Veneporte had a good performance in increasingly demanding markets, cementing its positioning as excellency supplier, an example of that, was the launching of Euro 5 particulate filters, with a particular highlight for the German range.

The year of 2019 was also marked by the new facilities inauguration, where the technical, administrative, commercial, and social areas were renewed and amplified, in an investment of around 1,3 million euros.

Still, in the highlights field, Veneporte enhances its participation in Equip Auto 2019 Paris, where was presented in first-hand its SCRs range, being the pioneer company in Europe to launch a relevant range to the aftermarket. The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is an important component of the exhaust system in the emissions control for diesel vehicles, also responsible for treating and reducing NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), introduced with the implementation of the EURO 6 norm.

This performance was recognized by the Equip Auto 2019 organization, since it was elected as a finalist among 153 candidates to the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation.