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Veneporte warrants its products from the exhaust system (Silencers, Pipes, Catalytic Converters, Particulate Filters, and SCRs), against manufacturing and material defects, as well as abnormal wear, for a period of 2 years since the purchase by the original end-consumer.


Following terms and conditions:

         - Sales invoice to end-user;

         - Vehicle identification data;

         - Veneporte warranty’s form duly filled.


Excluded from the warranty are:

         - Rubbers, clamps, gaskets, connection pipes, bolts, springs, etc;

         - Use of non-EU approved fuels or with additives (like fuels with biofuel content over 10% or diesel particle filter cleaner additives) or in non-conformity with the engine manual of the vehicle;

         - Use of putty paste upstream the last electronic sensor in the exhaust system;

         - Damages caused by an accident or impact from a foreign object.


These warranty conditions do not overrule the specific laws of each country.

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