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Founded in 1966, and with production starting in 1967, Veneporte has its headquarters and main production plant located in Águeda, Aveiro district, Portugal, with a covered area of 25.000m2, within a total area of 42.500m2.
A company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of the different exhaust system components (manifolds, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and silencers) for the various vehicles.
The 70's represent an important phase of growth for the company, particularly empowered by the protection allowed by the Automotive Industry Compensations' Law, in force at the time in Portugal. This leads Veneporte into becoming the supplier for practically all OEM and OES clients present in Portugal at the time.
It is also during this decade that the company begins its pipe production, not only to incorporate into the exhaust systems but for commercialization as well.
The 80´s are noticeable for two particularly distinct phases:
- Until 1986, we can highlight the reinforcement of Veneporte's connections with the different OEM and OES clients present in Portugal;

- After 1986, with Portugal's admission to the EEC, the opening to different external markets, being the internationalization process natural and progressive, enhanced by the already mentioned connections with already existent clients in Portugal, such as Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, UMM, etc.

The opening of the market implied a much greater exposure to the competition, with many implications for the company.
The 1990's represent a change in the whole shareholding structure (December of 1991).
The new shareholders approve, at the time, the implementation of an important company restructuring, highlighting the upgrade of facilities and equipment, but specially the reorganization of the various processes.

As a consequence of all the investments, as well as the company's new strategy, Veneporte manages (at the beginning of 1996) certification according to the NP EN ISO 9002:1995 standard, by I.P.Q. Later, in 1998, obtains the same certification by TÜV. In that same year, the partnership becomes an anonymous partnership (S.A.).
Veneporte continues to register important growth in its activity.
In 2003 obtains the Quality Management System certification, according to the new NP EN 9001:2000 (TÜV and APCER) standard.

2004 is marked by the fundamental reinforcement of the company's internationalization, as well as its connections to OEM and OES clients, such as Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi and Toyota, as well as an important concentration of the shareholding structure.

In 2008, Veneporte becomes a supplier for IVECO (OEM and OES).

In 2009, Veneporte is nominated official supplier for Peugeot/Citroën concerning OES and Eurorepar projects, as well as Volkswagen in Germany, in relation to TVP Polo and TVP Golf projects. Towards the end of 2009, the agreement for the supplying of GAU Group - France becomes official, with supplying commencing still that year.
The start of the decade is highlighted by the nomination as an official supplier for Renault (OES and Motrio) and for the launching of new OEM projects with Mitsubishi (MFTE).
In 2011, the company obtains certification according to the ISO/TS 16949 standard, earning with it a credibility boost amongst its clients, especially amongst the OEM and OES.

2012 is marked by the attribution of an award to Veneporte, by PSA, thanks to its high level of performance, but also due to its excellent logistic efforts. The year is also marked by the strong and fundamental development and production of the catalytic converter range, enhancing the company's commercial possibilities.

In 2013 it gains Volkswagen's certification, according to the VDA6.3 standard.

The year of 2014 reveals an ongoing effort towards reinforcing the catalytic converters and silencers range, as well as the start in development of the diesel particulate filters range.

During 2015 there was a strong effort in solidifying the company's internationalization.

We believe that the conditions have been created so that Veneporte may, in an evermore consistent way, and in partnership with all its distributors, increase its importance in all the different markets where it operates.

Now, we will continue to work for the next couple of years, in order to reinforce the results already obtained to this day.
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CEO Message
"As we approach our 50 years of history, Veneporte continues to reinforce its role as a renowned supplier within the automotive industry.

We will continue our course towards increasing the value of all those who interact with us, aiming especially at reinforcing the satisfaction of our clients, contributing with the innovation and quality of our products and services, towards a more sustainable future.

Proud of our history and aware of the constant demands, we want to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, and see opportunities in each one of our challenges.

We are certain that each of the company's collaborators will assume their responsibilities, contributing positively towards the stability of this project. With everyone's effort, we will become a more dynamic and international company, whilst continuing to be based upon our social commitments with the community where we're inserted."



Deploying organizational models that allow a permanent search for process efficiency and effectiveness, an adequate resource management and the contribution to the involvement and motivation of its collaborators is a motto, a way of being and the company's culture.

Veneporte tries to follow and adopt the best practices, the automotive industry's normative reference, always with its prime focus on client satisfaction and the build-up of value for all that interact in some way with the company. Many challenges have been achieved and various certifications attributed throughout the years, a clear sign that translates this attitude.

But because Veneporte is a company that constantly defies itself, making continuous improvements to its processes a never-ending goal, each stage achieved is not an end itself, but instead, a brand new beginning.

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Human Resources
Veneporte is a dynamically growing company, having around 164 collaborators with an average age of 43 years.
Human Resources
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